The hands of a professional

A short format documentary series

Across three countries, we tell four stories of chef’s and patissiers about their craft. The Hands of A Professional campaign is dedicated to craftsmanship.
Each story was photographed and filmed side by side, made with care and lead to new friendships along the way.

Christophe Roesems

Executive Pastry Chef, Wittamer
Brussels, Belgium

A chef who does judo. Weird, right? Well, not in the case of Christophe Roesems of Wittamer in Brussels. This martial art and patisserie are all about discipline. Getting a firm grip on things. Literally. How can you learn to do that? By persevering, fighting for it. And, most importantly, by doing, doing and doing again. Until it’s perfect.

The Cerea Brothers

Chefs, Da Vittorio***
Brusaporto, Italy

The Cerea brothers ‘Chicco’ and ‘Bobo’, with their Michelin three-star restaurant Da Vittorio, rank among the most reputed chefs in Italy. Their story revolves around the hands of the chef, both literally and figuratively. It all began when they learnt their trade first-hand from their well-known parents. They then took this famous Italian cuisine into their own hands and seized new business opportunities with both hands.

But above all, their story is about holding 50 years of history in their hands and passing it on to a new generation.

Gabriel Paillasson

Founder Coupe du Monde
Lyon, France

The most famous pastry chef in France? That has to be Gabriel Paillasson. He was twice awarded the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), a government award that is highly regarded in France,for being the best pastry chef and best ice cream maker in the country. For him, a pastry chef’s hands are key: “You can feel if the dough is good.” He also thinks that all five senses are absolutely vital.

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Nick Bril

Chef-Owner, The Jane**
Antwerp, Belgium

You would be forgiven for thinking that the hands of Nick Bril, chef and owner of The Jane in Antwerp, are more like a conductor’s hands than those of a chef. As he says himself: “The 14 people in the kitchen are my hands. They have to do what I want them to do.” Of course, he still uses his own hands as well. Not only as a chef, but also as a DJ.

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